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OilGear Fuel Pump

Speed: 1800 rpm Discharge Pressure Rating: 1200 psig Max Fue...

Shroud Kit Stage 1 for MS6001B

MS6001B Shroud Stage 1 Kit. Equivalent to OEM PN: 329A3228G0...

DLN Gas Fuel Module/Skid Complete

Gas Module incorporates: Duplex Coalescing Filter (2x100%) f...

RB.211-24C High Pressure Nozzle Guide Vanes

RB.211-24C HP HGV's - fully repaired, new coatings and repai...

NEW 6FA Transition Pieces (112E1121G008 - MS6001FA)

This is a NEW set of Transition Pieces not required due to u...

Combustion Cap Assembly (119E8570G001)

6FA (MS6001FA) Combustion Liner Cap assemblies (2 sets). Use...

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Combustion Liner

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Combustion Liners - 6FA  (325B4837G003)

Combustion Liners - 6FA (325B4837G003)

2 Sets of MS6001FA (6FA) Combustion Liners. Both sets have been used for 20,000 fired hours of operation on Natural Gas. In good condition. With good repairs, the sets can be reused for 3 additional ...

$222,000.00 2979
NEW FR6B Combustion Liners 117E8214G001-4

NEW FR6B Combustion Liners 117E8214G001-4

NEW set of Combustion Liners for MS6001B - P/N: 117E8214G001-4 available for immediate sale. Original Manufacturer is GE and is a surplus set....

$119,000.00 1739
USED FR6B Combustion Liners (x3) 117E8214G001-4

USED FR6B Combustion Liners (x3) 117E8214G001-4

FR6B THREE Sets of Combustion Liners Part Number 117E8214G001-4 . These sets wereoperated for 20,000 hours on Natural Gas and are in excellent condition. Require practically no repairs and can be inst...

$150,000.00 4362


MS9001E Combustion Liner Refurbished similar to OEM PN: 101E2536G002. Immediate shipment after receipt of full payment. N.B. Parts will only be sold as a complete set (i.e. 14 off)...

$45,000.00 2126
Combustion Liners - Cap & Liner Assembly

Combustion Liners - Cap & Liner Assembly

Cap & Liner Assembly for GE FR 6B (MS6001B) Gas Turbine. Assembly Part Number 116E4162G001-4. Available for immediate sale. !0 Pieces comprising one set....

$45,000.00 71
Combustion Flow Sleeves

Combustion Flow Sleeves

Combustion Liner Flow Sleeves x 4 available for immediate sale. For GE MS6001B (FR6B) Gas Turbine. Overstock, new and never used. ...

$6,500.00 52