A: The items uploaded will appear only after payment has been received. You will receive a notification by email once payment has been received and your items will go live immediately thereafter..
A: Our ADMIN allows buyers and sellers to interact together without interference from us. Therefore when an item has been sold, to ensure that it is no longer available for sale, the 6 month timeframe allows us to interact with the Seller to find out if the item has been sold. It also allows us to get feedback on who the buyer(s) is/are, and how serious they are.
A: There may be an underlying issue. Please contact the site admin at admin@turbinemarketplace.com, or contact us at +65-9816-0400.
A: Once you select “featured item”, an automatic invoice will be sent to you. If payment is not received within a 3 day period, your item will be removed from the featured item list. It is strongly suggested that payment be made immediately and that your required internal approvals, have been obtained prior to selecting a “featured” item.
A: As many as you deem necessary. Generally 2 would suffice.
A: The photos should be no larger than 200kb.
A: Our platform is to enable Sellers to quickly sell their items and to provide buyers with a fuss free option of making a purchase. Once buyers see the price they will be more receptive to making an offer.

Pricing your item correctly, as always, is extremely important. Under-pricing or over-pricing should be avoided. Since there is no commission payable, you should price your item appropriately. We can provide advice on pricing. Please contact us at sales@turbinemarketplace.com
A: It is entirely up to you. However, do bear in mind that as the site becomes more active, there will be more buyers and the expectation is that you will not need a “middleman”.
A: ABSOLUTELY NO. The initial email response from the Buyer will be to your User ID. Thereafter if you choose to communicate directly with the Buyer, you may do so, at which point, you will be revealing your identity. This is entirely within the Seller’s control. On the other hand, you will know who the Buyer is, by virtue of their email request to you.

www.turbinemarketplace.com, will not divulge any Seller information unless requested so by the Seller. Likewise, we will not provide any Buyer information to anyone, unless requested by a lawful authority.
A: The subscription is a yearly one. There are different structures available. This Subscription allows you to upload as many items as you want during the yearly term. For those Sellers/Owners that have multiple Power Plants, please send us an email inquiry to sales@turbinemarketplace.com, for special Multi-Power plant Subscription Rates.