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100 MW complete Combined Cycle power plant for sale. Plant is comprised of 2 x PG6581 (MS6001B) GTG (BHEL) and one 34 MW Steam Turbine Generator. Plant was decommissioned in 2012 and has been preserved on an ongoing and frequent basis. All power plant equipment is for sale. The indicative price shown here is 1 x FR6B Unit with Tri-Fuel capability (NG/HSD/Naptha). Components of the power plant and/or gas turbines can be sold individually if the need arises, such as Turbine rotors, Accessory Gears etc. The Power Plant has been well maintained since commissioning and in accordance with the OEM's recommended inspection intervals, taking into account the various fuel types, fired hours etc. Original GTs had MKIV controls and later replaced with Triple Redundant MKVI and during the upgrading to PG6581 configuration. All HGP Parts currently in the unit have approximately 50% life remaining in them.

Price $3,500,000.00
Country IN
Quantity 2 / Set
Last Updated 21-05-2015
Category Combined Cycle
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About Equipment
Gas Turbine Equipment Manufacturer GE
Steam Turbine Equipment Manufacturer
HRSG Manufacturer
Equipment Manufacturing Date 1990
Gas Turbine Output Rating MW 32.5
Steam Turbine Output Rating MW
Generator Rating 40,140 KVA
Site Rating Temperature / Elevation 50
Site Rating Temperature / Elevation 90F (32C)
Type of Gas Turbine MS6001B (6B)
Model of Gas Turbine PG6581
Type of Steam Turbine
Model of Steam Turbine
Generator Type Air Cooled
Generator Model TARI 800-26P
Simple Cycle
Combined Cycle No
Has the Equipment been Appraised by anyone? Yes
If Not, are you planning on Getting the Equipment Appraised?
Would you like TurbineMarketPlace to do an Appraisal?
Commercial Operating Date of the Equipment 12/1990
Is the Equipment currently Operating? No
What are the Fired Hours on the Gas Turbine 156,536 (@ 31/12/2012)
What are the fired Starts on the Gas Turbine?
What are the Operating Hours on the Steam Turbine
When was the last time the Equipment Operated? 12/2012
If not operating, has the equipment been maintained? Rotating the shafts
How has it been maintained? Yes
How often has the above been performed? Monthly
Deails Equipment
Type of Fuel Used (on Gas Turbine) Dual Gas/Liq
Control System By OEM Digital
Combustion System Type Non-DLN
Has any Equipment had a Forced Outage?
When was the last Overhaul? 2012
Type of Overhaul? Hot Gas Path
Was the Equipment Upgraded? Yes
If Upgraded, what was the Type of Upgrade Higher Output & Efficiency
Who Performed the Upgrade? OEM
Sale Equipment
Are You planning on decommisioning the Units? Yes
When is the de-commissioning of the Equipment? 2012
How do you want to sell the Equipment? Gas turbine alone if a buyer wants
If you want to sell everything, what is your expected Price?
If GTG Only, what is your expected Price? Yes
If there is a buyer for the STG Only, Are you willing to Sell?
If for STG Only, what is your expected Price? Yes
If there is a buyer for the HRSG Only, Are you willing to Sell?
If there is a buyer for the HRSG Only, Are you willing to Sell?
If for HRSG Only, What is your expected Price?
Do you have any Spare Parts That are being sold also? No
If Yes Can you provide a list of Parts that are available?
Can you also provide data of those parts (Repair cycles, By whom & When) Yes
Are there any special tools that you are also selling? Yes
If there are special Tools, Please provide a list
Do you plan on putting the equipment in containers until sold?
Are you going to Put the Equipment into LONG TERM PRESERVATION? Yes
Are you selling any HV Equipment also? Yes
Main Transformer Being sold? Yes
Are Manuals Available Yes
Are Foundation Drawings Available? Yes
Are Installation Drawings Available Yes
Is the Electrical One-Line Diagram available? Yes
Performance Curves Available? Yes
Do you have a Video of the Equipment that you are selling? No