About Us

 Have you ever looked for a Turbine Part but you couldn't find it? Have you had brokers knocking on your door saying that they can help, at a price? But ultimately nothing happens?

For Sellers, have you ever wondered how you can sell your unused parts, and most importantly, who and where the buyers are?

Well, now Buyers can find their Parts and Sellers can find Buyers right here. Used Turbine Parts, fall under many different categories: used , obsolete parts where the equipment user has upgraded, new and Refurbished Parts.

The Director of the Company is Hadi Ismail. He set up Power Of One Consulting Services (which owns and operates www.turbinemarketplace.com, and that after leaving GE where he was an employee for 30 years.

Mr. Ismail graduated from the University College Dublin, Ireland with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1978. Immediately following his graduation he worked as a Field Engineer with APC, in Ireland, a GE affiliated company, at that time.

Thereafter, he held various positions in GE on a global basis, namely in Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Schenectady NY as well as Maracaibo Venezuela.

Immediately following Venezuela, Mr. Ismail relocated to Singapore (1990), where he was Application Engineer assisting power generation Owners to determine the upgrade capabilities of their equipment, followed by Commercial and Contracts Manager, GM Asia Sales (Long Term Service Agreement and O&M), and finally, GM and Region Executive, Power Generation Sales covering Asia.

He set up Power Of One Consulting in Singapore and provided consulting services for various large Power Generation companies, EPCs, Repair Service Centres, Power Plant Owners, Refinery Owners and Power Gen developers.

Mr. Ismail continues to consult on an ad-hoc basis, and has extensive expertise in GTG Services, Repairs, Maintenance, Installations, Controls, Start-up/Commissioning and Project Management, commercial contracts and negotiations.